Our proposal aims to implement controls on Congress and other federal officials.  Congress can make this easy by passing the necessary amendments and forwarding them to the states for ratification.  It is almost certain that Congress will not do anything of the sort.  Anything they have passed so far has contained major loopholes.  The Supreme Court has removed even the loose restrictions that Congress had legislated.  Think SuperPacs.

Our founders must have known this.  They gave us a way to hold Congress accountable.  Once thirty-four states have requested it, Congress is required to call a constitutional convention.   (While Congress must then call the convention, they do have the authority to set certain limits.)

A grassroots movement in the state is the easiest (well, the least difficult) and practically the only way to force Congress to do the right thing.

Click Constitutional Convention to read a template that can be used by the states, and of course the grassroots movements pushing those same states, in preparing their requests that Congress call a constitutional convention.  We are looking forward to fine tuning it as we get comments from the state grassroots movements and our readers.  The main content of the template is in fact the summary of our paper since we want the convention to produce amendments which embody our proposed changes.

Click Proposed Changes to read the campaign finance reform that our paper recommends. The main content of this page is lifted from the section titled How Do We Remove Corruption From Our Political System?   It describes exactly what changes we need to make to reclaim our democracy. This document can be used by the grassroots movement and by the constitutional convention so that the delegates will know the intent of the states.