Remove Special Interest Group Money from Politics

Our mission is to take money out of politics, thus removing the corrupting influence it introduces into our political and government system and, as a consequence, regain our democracy.

To accomplish our mission we must make it impossible for any Special Interest Group, be it business, labor, ethnic or any other kind, to give money to any candidate or party, to run a “parallel” political campaign and to close the revolving door policy that has legislators ‘graduating’ to lucrative lobbying positions.  Whether your ideology is far left, far right or somewhere between, you want your politicians to vote in a manner consistent with what they promised you.  To that end we have developed a paper, titled Democracy Reclaimed, which consists of an introduction detailing the rationale for the changes we need to make, our no holds barred proposal detailing exactly what needs to be done and an implementation plan as elaborated in this website.

The corrupt and gridlocked political system must be reformed.  Nothing less than our country’s viability is at stake.  We the people can do it. 


  • Summary.   A concise summary of the need for changes and of what needs to be done.
  • The Complete Document.   The complete proposal.  Why changes are needed now, detail of what needs to be done and how to go about  implementing it.
  • Implementation.   Why and how to  call a Constitutional Convention.   A template for the states to ask Congress to call a convention.   The exact changes that we need to make to save our democracy.
  • Contact Us.   Page where readers can leave comments and feedback.
  • The Blog.   All of our posts will appear here.  These will include status of project, relevant contemporary news, suggestions from our community as well as other material.